We offer security and software development consulting services for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies that draws on our 4+ years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development spaces.

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Benefits Of Blockchain

We can build any blockchain project you can dream up offer’s a wide range of security and development consulting services, from security diligence and testing services to business model analysis and software development. Drawing on our years of expertise in the cryptocurrency trading and blockchain development spaces, we can work with your company to guide integration of cryptocurrencies or blockchains into your business. Blockchain development with extensive experience of working with bitcoin protocols. We have great track record of coding Blockchain based platforms & applications like bitcoin-altcoins exchanges, ethereum tokens, bitcoin repository, bitcoin investment site, bitcoin saving account, bitcoin MLM system and custom bitcoin wallets. Vast experience of setting up cryptocurrency full-node servers as well as we can easily work with any third party integration like Bockchain API, Coinbase API, Mycelium API, Bitgo API, Bitcoin Daemon, Ethereum, PM, alt coin and financial API's. Special knowledge to maximize the security of cryptocurrency based platforms. Strong implementation in enterprise level security with public and private keys, hash and signature encrypted service.

  • Analysis of blockchain models, financial models, and business models
  • Advice on cryptocurrency trading and trading software
  • Cryptocurrency security and trading software development
  • Speaking engagements in Australia on cryptocurrency topics
  • Customized blockchain development
  • Whitepaper editing and drafting
  • KYC / AML consulting
  • Customized blockchain identity management software using our AirID platform

Communication Services

Advice on business models and fund raising

We draw on our experience in blockchain trading and development and large network of crypto developers and investors to advise on your business model and fundraising strategy.

Intros to our ICO Investor Network

We draw on’s large and diverse network of crypto investors to optimize your ICO launch. Our Investor group has 500 invite-only users, and we offer several PR and investor chat networks to get the word out.

Investor roadshows

Ensuring executives understand their stakeholders, will organize and work closely with management issuing initial coin offering and traveling around the country to give presentations to analysts, fund managers and potential investors.

Marketing and PR utilizing our networks

In the world of listed companies, PR is everything. This is how new investors find out about the company so they can buy the stock and make the share price appreciate. Currently, has thousands of shareholders and is watched by brokers representing thousands more

Smart Contract

Smart contract is a terminology used to describe computer protocol that is capable of facilitating, executing, and enforcing the negotiation or performance of an agreement (i.e. contract) using blockchain technology.


  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Whitepaper Writing
  • Crowdsale Management
  • Smart Contract
  • Proposing Blockchain solution for your enterprise
  • Smart Contract Management
  • Book Building platform
  • Best team of developers for technology implementation.
  • Comply with Regulatory Standard
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Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation. Intended as a foundation for developing applications or solutions with a modular architecture, Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and- play. Blockchain Hub technology is based on latest Hyperledger Fabric 1.0.

  • Digitized Ledger
  • Real Time Data Sharing
  • Permission Bases Access
  • Multiple Channels
  • Minimize Management Costs
  • Minimize Organizational Disputes
  • Fully Customizable


The integration of blockchain and healthcare is an extraordinary concept; one that requires the creation of a community in which transparency and shared responsibility can take place. Blockchain Hub would create a blockchain platform regulated by Smart Contracts. The platform supports the medical community by building and creating solutions devoted to improving the quality of health care worldwide.

  • Data Unification
  • Smart Contracts
  • Data Analytics
  • Decentralized Records
  • Currency Functionality
  • Payment Transparency
  • Advanced Cyber Security
  • Shared Ledger
  • Healthcare Supply Chain

The Personal Health Blockchain can be accessible by the Patient, Primary physician and remote specialist. With an easy phone interface, a patient can review his/her records and recommendations by her network.


  • We try to understand in depth business requirement or problem definition, based on which we come up with the proposed solution
  • We propose solutions that includes artifacts such as Architectural design document, use cases, proposed tech stack with alternatives.
  • We focus on ensuring that our solution is in line with requirement and client's vision during discussion with stake holders
  • We deliver working solution along with the complete code during design actualization phase
  • We share multiple code quality, solution security and performance reports
  • We facilitate on demand Smart Contract reliability audits.
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